One day left, help me decide where to go!

<p>Hello everyone! I know this is more of a classical voice topic than a musical theater topic, but I was told that the posters on the Muscal Theater Major board were a wealth of information and as such it was suggested to me that I should post my questions here too.</p>

<p>I have to decide where I am going for college by tomorrow afternoon. I realize that this doesn't allow very much time for responses, but it's getting down to the wire and I would really appreciate some last minute insights that might make a difference.</p>

<p>So you know the kinds of things that I am looking for, my intended major would be Music in vocal performance, and I would want to have the option of double majoring in some humanities subject. As such, I would like a place that is strong in music and humanities. I consider myself to be pretty proactive in terms of striking up relationships with professors and taking advantage of varied opportunities, so school size is not a big issue for me. I would prefer a place with nice weather, but I feel that I could adapt to just about anything. I do intend on attending graduate school in one form or another, so finances are an issue for me.</p>

<p>Here is a list of the colleges to which I have been accepted, with a star by each one that I have visited personally and how I did in terms of scholarships in parenthesis afterward.</p>

<p>UCLA* ($28,000, since I'm in-state this works out as Tuition+)
UCSB* ($28,000, since I'm in-state this works out as Tuition+)
Oberlin* ($48,000)
Johns Hopkins University/Peabody Conservatory Double Degree Program*
Tufts/New England Conservatory Double Degree Program*
Boston University* (A bit over half-tuition)</p>

<p>I've visited pretty much everywhere that I've been accepted except for UCSC. At this point, my favorites are the following four:</p>

Johns Hopkins University/Peabody Conservatory</p>

<p>In terms of food and campus I liked Oberlin the best, though I didn't like how isolated it seemed (though that might help me focus on studying), the comparative lack of opportunities, and the sort of eccentric feel to the place. I also didn't much like the dorms. However, the conservatory in Oberlin is one of the most highly regarded there is.</p>

<p>In terms of opportunities, I liked UCLA the best as it seems that I would get to perform a lot, and the voice department is expanding rapidly and just hired a famous baritone with whom I am told I would get to study. I would also get to be part of a special small ensemble with seniors and masters students as part of the terms of one of my scholarships. UCLA also had one of my favorite campuses and has second place in terms of food. UCLA's dorms are my favorite. However, I don't much like the LA smog, and I always imagined myself going somewhere that isn't so much like home (I currently live in San Diego).</p>

<p>In terms of prestige, I like Northwestern and Johns Hopkins/Peabody best. The area around Northwestern, Evanston, was my favorite of any of the surrounding areas. Baltimore around JHU was my least favorite. However, while both really capture my imagination (JHU/Peabody in particular), the double degree situation at JHU/Peabody seems exceedingly hard, and it doesn't look like I'd get to perform very much until Junior year at the earliest at Northwestern. I also didn't receive any financial aid at either.</p>

<p>This is my last chance to collect ideas, opinions, and insights about these places, so I would REALLY appreciate any additional information or advice you folks can give. Thanks a lot.</p>


<p>I think you've answered your own question. The school you (unconsciously) listed first offers you the best opportunities at the best price. It just happens to be in your home state instead of elsewhere. But your other choices had severe weaknesses, including "comparative lack of opportunities", "eccentric feel", or cost. Try this exercise: read your post as if written by someone else, and see what conclusions you reach.</p>

<p>Best wishes.</p>


<p>I can't really offer any advice, but I wish you luck in your decision. All of your opportunities/options are impressive!</p>

<p>Wow - What wonderful choices! You may want to go back over the classes required at each school. Since you want to add humanities, looking at the conservatory requirements may be important. Some of them may allow little time for the other courses in which you are interested. </p>

<p>Doctorjohn probably has the best advice to you. We have not explored UCLA, so we're not qualified to speak about it.</p>

<p>We have heard excellent things about both Oberlin and Peabody, but I'm very concerned about your ability to get in the other courses you want.</p>

<p>We did visit Northwestern and were very impressed with the school. It seems to allow you the flexibility to do the humanities if you desire; however, if money is a major factor, this does not seem to be a good choice.</p>

<p>Probably back to UCLA as your best option! Just think of all the travel expenses you will save!</p>

<p>I had the choir conductor at Oberlin last summer at Interlochen.</p>

<p>All I can say is that he changed my life and that Oberlin would be number one if they had an official musical theater program because this man (Dr. Floyd--look him up if you go) is the most incredible teacher ever.....words seriously cannot express the impact he had on me (and everyone else in the choir at Interlochen)</p>

<p>Go to UCLA or Northwestern
I agree with DrJOHN</p>

<p>BroadwayWannabe, I was in the Maryland All-State choir in February and Dr. Floyd conducted it, and I have to agree with you; he was so cool!</p>