One item you couldn't live without in college?

<p>Excluding computers and cell phones.</p>

<p>My microwave. My boyfriend and I feed ourselves exclusively with a microwave, rice cooker, and foreman grill.</p>


<p>Seriously, a fan.</p>

<p>Nail Clippers</p>

<p>Coffee/Tea thermos ... I hate coffee, but when I needed a perk-me-up to survive my 8am classes, it came in handy to hold the coffee from the dining hall =)</p>

<p>Either that or . . . my iPod. It came in handy when traveling to and from classes, when I needed to just relax and block out sounds.</p>

<p>I hate how everyone on the planet walks around in public with earbuds in now. Makes asking for directions exceedingly difficult.</p>

<p>An iPod so no one dare approaches me or tries to talk to me. :))</p>

<p>Journal and a pen.</p>

<p>My vibrator.</p>

<p>^ hahaha .</p>

<p>Something that my D laughed at when I bought it - and now wouldn't be without - is her Krups electric water kettle. I found another mom on CC had recommended it a few years ago and she was right on target! Not only did D love it, but everyone on her floor used it too.</p>

<p>condoms. box loads</p>

<p>^ :X. </p>

<p>Anyway, my fuzzy blanket. Seriously, it keeps me warm and comfortable through the long tough winter months. I even it take it to my friends' rooms. It's amazing :)</p>

<p>Teddy bear</p>


<p>porno mags</p>

<p>my brain !!!</p>

Makes asking for directions exceedingly difficult.


<p>Which is why I ♥ my iPod ... also to block annoying sorority girls from asking me to donate to their cause (I donated 5 bucks already, darn it) or the usual random bible freak that found his way on campus, preaching how us students are all sinners :: puts in earbuds and blasts music loudly :: :cool:</p>

<p>I had to literally grab someone once because I had been lost in the library for over an hour and couldn't even find a stairwell, and it was the first person I'd seen the whole time and she was listening too loud to hear me calling to her. I haven't set foot in that library alone since. XD</p>

<p>toilet paper</p>

<p>Oh no, Emaheevul07. How big was that library? 0.0</p>

<p>I find tapping people works best =) But some people are so drowned in their music, they don't notice what is going on around them, lol.</p>