One more awkward question...

<p>So, I'm kind of shy, and am wondering whether it is awkward to change while your roommate is in the room? Or will you get comfortable with them?</p>

<p>I'm a shy person too and it was a bit awkward at first but surprisingly I adjusted pretty quickly. My roommate and I got along really well so I quickly became comfortable with her. Besides, we were so tired in the morning we didn't care what we saw lol. Don't worry about it, even though it may feel awkward at first you'll feel more comfortable after a while. The girls in my hall always walked around in their bath towels and no one seemed to care.</p>

<p>Umm you could just change in a bathroom or hide behind a bed so your roommate can't see you (if you're still shy afterward).</p>

<p>it shouldn't be awkward. i mean, there shouldn't be anything on your room mate that you haven't seen on yourself...right? let's hope so.</p>