One more chance

Want more opinions if it’s ok
Deferred for LSA computer science
I have a 3.71 UMich gpa
11 AP classes:
AP US History
AP microecon
AP macroecon
AP Computer science
AP English language and composition 11
AP US gov
(AP stats
AP calc bc
AP bio
AP physics c mech
AP english lit 12)
Parenthesis are all senior year classes
4s on ap micro and macro and 3s in apush and english 11
Accelerated (Honors) Geometry AC and French 1, 2, 3 and 4 all AC
30 ACT composite (30 english, 31 math, 29 reading, 31 science)
31 ACT superscore (sent in 2 tests since I got a 33 science before although I know they probably don’t care)
Asian male and have an income bracket of less than 35,000
EC’s and Leaderships:
Board leader for volunteer club for 2 years (11th and 12th)
Member of Key club for 2-3 years (9th, 10th, 11th)
volunteer hours are probably a lot since ive been doing community service throughout school year
Work at a small company in web coding (html) for their website on how to start businesses in 11th and 12th grade (still ongoing)
Worked at a restaurant in 10th and 11th grade
National honor society (NHS) member (11th and 12th)
Mother has started college but never finished with a degree
Father has an associates degree
umich Essays 7/10~ (little bit iffy on these)
counselor rec 8/10 good relationship
teacher rec 8.5/10 good relationship as well with him (econ teacher)
I am instate and am from a competitive public school that does not rank
I know my stats aren’t great but just want to hear what others think

Your act is 25th percentile def try to get all a’s this semester to bring up your gpa and send your senior grades and write a letter of interest