one more thing, :)

<p>I'm a sophomore who just moved in from a foreign country and got an A in alg&trig honors last quarter but probabily will get A+ this quorter;
and got SAT 2c 800 math, but my math teacher, too, is extrememely censorous in raising classes and I did argue a lot of times with her...
but i wish the fact that i need to cover precal as well in order to score good in sat 2c will soften her up... :/
(i argued to take precal and took extra trig tests for 2 weeks my every lunch but ended up not taking it since she said she can't let me take honors since i don't have prior grades from this school...)
but i really do wish to take calc bc ap next year since i do really want to appeal with my ap scores to college as well...(i heard that they take a look at ap scores more than subject sat tests)
can i appeal to calculus AP BC as my junior year? please, advices please!
thank you. :D</p>

<p>would anybody please answer? :(</p>

<p>Try to convince your teacher to recommend you for ap calculus bc. If she doesn’t then just self-study it because you claim to be a good math student.</p>

<p>Okay, and thanks. :slight_smile: You cheer me up.
And I will try to be a ‘good’ math student! :D</p>