One-Year MBA: Opinions?

<p>Generally, what do people think of one-year MBA programs? Are these considered second-best? Obviously it depends upon the school, but - if you can abstract away from that - are two-year programs a better idea?</p>

<p>This place looks pretty awesome to me Full-time</a> MBA - Accelerated / Thunderbird International Business School</p>

<p>There are at least two big differences. </p>

<p>The return on investment in a one year program is substantially higher, considering the lower costs and additional year of income. Even if (hypothetically) starting salaries end up lower than the comparable quality 2yr program. In Europe a one year MBA is very common, even at world class, highly ranked institutions. </p>

<p>The other point relates to what your goals are. If you are laser focused and know exactly what you will do with your career, a one year MBA will make sense. Remember that the recruiting process will begin almost right away during a one year program. If you "are open to several options", are "exploring a few industries", or otherwise have wiggle room in your career outcomes, then a two year program will likely be more productive. The two year program gives you an internship experience to explore a career option, and it also gives you a second year to build your network while doing a job search. The second year grants you time to really do due diligence about where you want to go. </p>

<p>I like the one year option, but it makes most sense in specific situations.</p>