One Year Philosophy MA Programs

Does anyone know of any funded terminal MA programs in philosophy in the United States that are only a year: I found one (University of Rochester), but it wasn’t terminal/funded and I was worried about the cost + resources that wouldn’t be dedicated to MA students. In the UK and Canada I found programs that were only a year, but I plan to do my PhD in the UK (applying for a Fulbright) and I read it would hurt my Fulbright eligibility to study abroad before applying for the Fulbright.

Why not apply for a fullbright after undergrad? I think they give out about 2000 a year in the US

The Fulbright U.S. Student Program does give priority to applicants whose higher education was undertaken primarily in the U.S., so doing a one-year master’s program in the UK could affect your chances (and perhaps Canada too, although I’d imagine less so).

Most philosophy MA programs in the U.S. are not funded, so funding a funded program will be difficult. It also doesn’t usually make much sense to fund students for a one-year program. Why is it important for you to find a one-year program?

In general, Master’s programs in teh US are cash cows for top schools, i.e., they are seeking full pay students. But per this site, the top terminal programs are:

Tufts, Brandeis; Georgia State; Northern Illinois; and University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee, University of Houston; San Francisco State; University of Missouri, St. Louis; and Virginia Tech, California State, Long Beach; California State, Los Angeles; Colorado State (esp. for applied ethics); Ohio University; Texas Tech; and Western Michigan.