One-year transfer Double Major

<p>I am a one year transfer and I'm trying to double major in philosophy (applied major) MCB (intended 2nd major). I'm wondering if I'm allowed to spend 3 years at Cal if I got in to complete all of the courses to graduate. There's no way I would be able to complete the classes for both majors and apply for med school in 2 years. I looked around Cal's L and S website and I found this information:
Declaring a Double Major</p>

<p>To declare a double major (two majors in L&S), submit a Double Major Application Packet to the Office of Undergraduate Advising in 206 Evans Hall.</p>

<p>All L&S requirements must be completed or accounted for in your planned program (this includes the Reading and Composition, Foreign Language, Quantitative Reasoning, and the Seven Course Breadth requirements).</p>

<p>No more than two upper division courses may be used in common to fulfill requirements in both majors.</p>

<p>In order to declare a double major, a minimum grade point average of 2.0 is required in all course work for each major.</p>

<p>Approval from a major adviser is required for each major.</p>

<p>Double major applications should be submitted at least one semester prior to graduation.</p>

<p>Your double major request will be approved only if your proposed program demonstrates that you will be able to finish all degree requirements within nine semesters (counting enrollments in all institutions attended) or by the end of the semester in which you exceed 136 units. </p>

<p>It says "your proposed program demonstrates that you will be able to finish all degree requirements within nine semesters." Since I am a 1-year transfer does that mean I should be granted 6 semesters at Cal once I get there? I'm so scared they're gonna force me to not double major.</p>

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<p>No. You only get 4 semesters after transferring. But you may continue to enroll if you have not exceeded 130 units(for single major) and 136 units(for double majors).</p>

<p>it's 5 semester for double major. </p>

<p>if u can graduate in 5 semester, u can take as many units as your want as long as you can graduate. </p>

<p>if u can't graduate in 5 semester, you can petition to extend, but they kicked out students who do more than 5 semesters and have more than 136 units even though they can't graduate.</p>

<p>I see your point, however if I petition I should have a better chance than most petitioners seeing that I was at a disadvantage with 2 less semesters than normal as well as high unit majors. I'm not saying my petition would go through but it would definitely be more negotiable than an individual who had no idea what they were doing in school.</p>