Online AP Course Easy A?

<p>So basically, I am a junior becoming a senior in high school and next year the same period AP economics is offered is Choreography and Production. I really want to do Choreography so I was thinking of doing the AP Economics online course for high school credit. I really need an A in the online course because I need an A in 4 APs to stay in the top ten and the only other option for an AP is AP Chemistry which I will defiantly not succeed in. So is the online Economics class an easy A or is it extremely hard to get an A in?</p>

<p>Depends who you take the online course from. I would say it's moderately easy to get an A but then it again it really depends on many factors.</p>

<p>The truth about online courses is</p>

<li>It can be ridiculously difficult</li>
<li>It can be fairly easy and manageable.</li>