online application problem

<p>I started filling out my application a week ago, and returned to it today. But I forgot my password when I tried to log in today. When I finally remembered it, I got a " ID record locked due to excessive invalid login attempts" message. Should I contact the admissions office or start a new account?</p>

<p>contact admissions first and see whats up and if they can fix it</p>

<p>Wow; be safe about that! Applications are a huge important part to the admissions process(obviously^.^), and they shouldn't be taken as lightly as an email password, or something...</p>

<p>Contact admissions aye esse aye pee... I emailed them with a question and it took about three days for a response.</p>

<p>this happened to me last year. you have to wait a week or two. sorry...I called them before and they said they can't do anything. however things could have changed and maybe they can now so call admissions and records asap and ask to speak to a counselor. in my opinion just do the paper application its easier and faster.</p>

<p>thanks guys.. i called and its all taken care of now</p>

<p>another question: how do i fill out the sat scores section?</p>

<p>Not sure of the question. Assuming you have an SAT score (rather or in addition to an ACT score), you put in the section scores as requested and date taken. UIUC does not use SAT II's for admission so you don't put any of those in (and that is why you don't see spaces for them).</p>

<p>The options are SAT V, SAT M, SAT W, and SAT combined...
i thought they dont consider writing??</p>

<p>should i enter in a M, V, and W and combined score for each different SAT sitting??</p>

<p>Since it's self-reported, you can do whatever you like.... they'll get your actual scores and use those...this is just a to-see sort of thing.</p>

<p>I put my individual scores for the ACT simply because they were so different; and if you took the best from both times i'd be getting like, a thirty-five, or something....
So do what you feel looks best. If all your MVW scores are goodly average, and your composite shows that, then just do the composite...Do them seperately if you do really well in an area you want to study, and horridly on other areas...or something.</p>

<p>okay thanks... and they dont relly consider writing right, so theres need to report that if i didnt that well?</p>

<p>They won't even look at your writing score.</p>

<p>I mean, if you got like- a two on it or something, it might raise some eyebrows. But they aren't s'posed to use it in the application process a'tall.</p>

<p>In determining admission, they will be relying on that official test score report that you have sent by the testing company and not what you write on the app. The writing section is not being considered at this time. What you are really providng in the spaces on the app is info the university puts into a database and will be using for its own tracking purposes -- such as to compare later college GPA (for example after freshman year) of those admitted and who attend based on their writing (and other) scores provided in the app; it will aid them in deciding such things as whether and how to use the writing section in the future.</p>