Online Apps

<p>I'm wondering if any of your kids had a similar experience. My son submitted his ED app online. When he was done, he had the option to view the ap in PDF format. When opened the PDF version, he noted that some of the info he filled in on the app was missing. In some areas, his words were cut off and in the area where he was to list his senior classes, he had 2 classes over the number of slots and had the option to fill in the "additional" section for classes. One of his "additional" classes, Philosophy, showed up, but his Art History didn't. He went back to the online app submission form and verified that Art History was there. </p>

<p>I'm concerned that the college will print out the PDF version, which seems awfully innacurate. </p>

<p>Does anyone know how colleges extract the details of the app? Is it worth a call sometime next week?</p>


<p>We became concerned about problems with online apps, but also with my S's handwriting. So we decided to send paper apps but that my S would type rather than handwrite his app. I bought an Adobe Acrobat Professional software program, and with advice from CC posters, was able to make it work. My S downloaded the PDF forms and used the software to format and type in the information. When he'd completed the app, he printed it out and send it in. </p>

<p>Your S might want to redo the app so that it shows all the information. If you call and find out some information is indeed missing, he can then send the hard copy app right away. It may be possible to call at the end of this week. Good luck!</p>

<p>Thanks Marite. I had been following the Adobe discussions and eventually son decided to submit online. Now we've got this issue and he regrets the online decision. I think I'll suggest your back-up the app with an Adobe paper version. Another option would be to send a letter listing the missing details since I'm not sure that the additional paper supplement to the online app would be reviewed carefully.</p>

<p>Son's GF submitter her paper app in longhand. She called son on Sat to say that he car battery had died and she was RUNNING 12 blocks to the post office, app in hand, to get it in the mail before the post office closed. I was sitting next to him when she called and could hear her gasping for air and yelling into the phone as she ran. Good grief.....she should get in on effort alone! They're applying ED to the same school...different programs. It's all very dramatic for 17 year olds.....</p>


<p>Can your S do another app, using Adobe and send it out by the end of today, using Fedex? It would still have the right postmark. Your S could ask that this new app be used in lieu of the defective one sent earlier. That might be better than sending a letter listing missing details.</p>