Online APs

I plan on taking online ap classes either on Apex or another online platform which is flexible in terms of how quickly I can finish it. Does anyone know the easiest ap classes on apex that i can finish with relative ease

What is your rationale for taking these classes? Are you doing them for credit? Or to boost your application?

Colleges will not be impressed by online AP classes, especially if any AP classes are offered at your school. They especially won’t be impressed by the easiest online AP classes. Colleges care about your grade in an AP class way more than they care about the AP test score.

If your school offers AP classes it is far better to take the classes there. Save your money and time.


I agree with the above. Racing through the easiest AP courses will likely be of little value, depending on your goals.

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Im doing them for credit. In order to meet the requirements for graduating I must take a few of these online classes.

Your high school requires online AP classes for graduation? There are no in person classes available at your school?

not necessarily ap but i would rather do an ap than unweighted class. There are no in person aps at my school which is why im looking for online alternatives.

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If you want rigor then I wouldn’t seek out the “easiest” APs.

I would focus on taking and excelling in the most rigorous classes offered in your HS.

I agree however before taking any classes with extreme rigor I would rather take easier APs as a transition. I haven’t taken any aps before so i doubt taking " the most rigorous" class would really help me.

I’m confused. You said you needed this for credit to graduate. Now it seems you are looking to take easy ones so you can take hard ones later. This makes it seems that you are just replacing in person courses at your high school with online AP courses. Why? Is this a common thing to do at your high school? If so, maybe you can talk to older students to see what courses they took.

Can you take dual enrollment college courses at a local college instead?

If your high school does not offer AP why would they give those taken online a different weighting? Colleges will base decisions what you took offered at your high school.

I’m also confused. The way the OP’s post is worded makes it sound like the high school does not offer all courses required for graduation. I strongly suspect this is not the case.

As others advised, take the most rigorous courses offered at your high school. If you’ve exhausted those and want to show a rigorous schedule for college admissions, dual enrollment would be preferable to online APs (especially the “easy” APs).

There are exceptions… for example, home schooled students needing to show academic strength independent of “mommy grades” or when there is not a nearby college for dual enrollment.

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What year are you? What courses in HS have you taken so far? What are the in-school options for the online courses?