online aps

<p>Im heading into my senior year of high school and my school only offers 5 aps. 1 junior year and 4 senior year. I wont be able to take one of them because of a prerequisite issue that my school never disclosed. (terrible communication) Anyway I want to take 1 or 2 ap courses online next year. My school has no relationship with any online course providers. How would I report taking the online AP course. Would it show up on my transcript even though my school has no relationship with these online providers? Do I have to self-report it somehow?</p>

<p>Also im considering Keystone or florida virtual school (out of state). Any other suggestions.</p>

<p>Not sure this is worth the effort. Are you near the top in class rank? Can you talk to teacher/department chair to be allowed to take the 4th AP even though you don't have the formal pre-req (assuming that you have the knowledge to handle this)?</p>

<p>I have heard good and bad about online - but some of the bad is very bad and if you've made arrangements to put this on your high school transcript you may not be able to change that later if things don't go well.</p>

<p>Im going to try to talk to him, but Im not quite sure. Im in the top 10% but not extremely high up there. I still want to take at least one online because Im very interested in it and I think it will show determination. Im just not sure how it will show up. I know that if I do go through with this I will do well in the class. Just want to see if its worth it because interest alone may not be enough reason to shell out the cash for the course.</p>

<p>What's the class and what's the prerequisite for the class?</p>

<p>let me clarify the situation up a bit.The class I want to take online is not the same as the one my school wont allow me to take. The class I want to take online is AP computer science. My schools limited amount of APs bothers me because there are other things I want to learn and I feel it puts me at a disadvantage when I start applying for colleges next year. The ap I wont be able to take is AP Calc because I wasn't put into honors Algebra2/trig. Supposedly they did pre-calc in the curriculum. ( I spoke to friends in the class, they did not do more than us than the non-honors class.) I should have been put in it but for whatever reason I wasn't. I plan on taking pre-calc over the summer with a community college and I will take honors calc next year (its actually a dual enrollment course so im still earning credit). I believe the AP calc class is full and that's why im not in. Thats settled for now but I still want to know about the online AP course. I want to make sure that colleges see that I took the online course.</p>

<p>Which online school is the cheapest?</p>

<p>Is CTY worth it?</p>

<p>the only way to know for sure is to talk to your counselor directly. nobody on cc can give you a clear answer because ever school is different (ie, my old school let me do this, but my new school isn't.)</p>

<p>also, have you considered self studying? You wont get gpa credit, but you will get college credit.</p>

<p>FLVS costs about $400 for OOS students. It's very good though.</p>

<p>Yeah i was just wondering how it worked. I don't think my school will allow me to calculate it into my GPA but I do think they might put it on my transcript. Ill find out tomorrow when I go back for exams. I think if I do take the course its going to be through Florida virtual school. Thanks for all your input</p>