Online Bachelors....

<p>In accounting from a "traditional" school? I'm having a really hard time pulling the trigger on an online school, mostly because of the cost (at least $750/class plus books) and the fact that alot of employers still don't like them. I'd love to find a traditional college that offers a B.A. or B.S. in accounting online, but I haven't been able to. Do any of you know of any?</p>

<p>Franklin University I think does. I’m not sure if it’s traditional enough though, they’ve gone pretty far into the online space but they still have a real campus in Columbus.</p>

<p>Thanks. I also found the University of Northwestern Ohio. They are a private, non-profit school (I hear for-profit schools are looked down upon). Reasonable tuition, and offer an Accounting degree. The limited reviews I have been able to find are mostly positive, much moreso than some other schools I have been considering like Ashford, U of P, etc. Any opinions on this school?
BTW Thanol, I live in Moore :)</p>

<p>There’s Western Governors’ University: [Online</a> Accounting Degree | Bachelor of Science in Accounting | WGU College of Business Online](<a href=“]Online”>Online Accounting Degree - Bachelor's Program | WGU)</p>

<p>It has an interesting background ([Wikipedia</a> article](<a href=“]Wikipedia”>Western Governors University - Wikipedia)), but I can’t say I’ve met a WGU grad or can speak to the quality of their programs.</p>

<p>Edit: I’m sorry - WGU is online-only, and doesn’t have a physical campus.</p>

<p>Apparently, WGU also grades a flat 3.0 gpa. I’ve read that any work submitted either passes or gets sent back to you for correction until it’s “B” work. Eh. I found a huge list of colleges that offer online courses but most of them are limited in what they offer. [Online</a> Colleges State Directory | Online Colleges](<a href=“]Online”></p>

<p>If someone wants to help me look, I’d appreciate it :wink: Only rules are no private for-profits, and no religious affiliations. Search away! lol</p>

<p>The actual degree would be fine for accounting, but you are going to have a very hard time being placed into a job. You will have no contact with recruiters from an online program. Having the B4 come to your school and recruit is one of the biggest advantages of being at the physical college.</p>