Online Billing

<p>Housing! Ok, so there are two options in paying (or so I've gathered): either pay online through "echecking" or mail them a check. Going with the online payment option, what exactly is an ACH Checking Account? Why isn't the use of credit cards available? There is an illustration with an ABA routing number and whatnot, but what exactly are these?</p>

<p>ACH is a banking acronym... Automatic Clearing House... it's where checks go to die. Actually, it where all checks pass thru between all financial institutions to clear (to be cashed) across the USA.</p>

<p>The routing number and Account number are those numbers at the bottom of your checks... along with the check number itself. You just have to copy those numbers to set up your online payment account.</p>

<p>really, u can pay either way. i remember paying my son's first housing deposit via regular snail mail using a check (also included that payment voucher that's online somewhere on the student accounting website). </p>

<p>i think you actually can use a credit card online, but they only accept discover cards for some reason. hopefully that'll change soon. otherwise, using your routing/checking account numbers is the fastest way to pay.</p>

<p>If you choose to use Discover Card... you will be charged a $12 transaction fee for each charge.</p>