Online charity auction?

<p>I'm helping this year with a fundraiser. Due to some awesome connections in the music industry, particularly with country and Nashville, we are going to have some special items to sell. In the past they have been sold at a live auction but the group is feeling that perhaps due to the nature of these items we might make more money by an online auction.
The director of the event has already chosen a vehicle for the online auction.
Anyone done this and have any tips other than which company/vehicle to go with?<br>
How do you get the word out to people who would be specifically interested in a particular artist? (Think autographed guitars, etc. by some big names..)</p>

<p>Our kids' old k-8 school now uses biddingforgood. It has been successful because they generate emails using parent directories and the like. The online part has raised substantially more than it used to as a "silent auction" held before the "live auction."</p>

<p>Schools in our area have used MaestroSoft®</a> - make it happen™ Your Complete Charity Event Solution</p>

<p>The artists may have email lists or newsletters/fan club that they maybe could put a blurb or link to your auction in.</p>

<p>Since the organization probably has a list of donors- send lots of email reminders and status updates.</p>

<p>Ebay also has a place where you can raise money for non profits.
that is what CCFA often uses.</p>

<p>Thanks EK. That was one of my thoughts too..regarding artists fan clubs, etc. I am having the person who has the contacts check with the artists to make sure they are okay with that but I am thinking if I were to say get on the fan club site and post a blog item about the online auction that would probably help raise the most money!</p>

<p>I'm a trustee at a small museum in my area and we used biddingforgood. We did the same thing Lergnom described: silent online auction followed by a live auction. Folks running the website generate emails/contacts.</p>

<p>I agree that an online auction can raise more money- for an item that has specialized appeal.
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Was a recent concert/fundraiser I attended- might see if you can get the word out to local music stores- and from the looks of it, even guitar manufacturers have blogs.</p>