Online Classes

<p>Does anyone know of some good online classes in the classics department? I would like to take an Ancient Greek language course through an online program offered by some university, but want to make sure a.) I can get credit for it (or it is a very good educational experience) b.) It will look good to Yale and other selective colleges.
I have done google searches for online classes that offer language instruction, but haven't found any through a university, maybe I'm not searching correctly? Thanks!</p>

<p>W/ respect to credit, I am fairly certain that Yale only gives credit to high school courses (AP, IB) and not online courses or courses from another college. (Just to let you know :) )</p>

<p>Yale will not accept online credit for courses (or even for ANY courses taken at other universities). They believe -- probably rightly -- that other courses are not up to caliber with their own and therefore don't think outside credit should be given. They also believe that so many applicants have taken college level courses that it would be unreasonable to give credit for all the courses. There are exceptions (e.g. courses taken during a study abroad while at Yale), but these only really apply after you graduate from high school and matriculate at Yale.</p>

<p>As for AP/IB, Yale does NOT give course credit for AP/IB (i.e. you won't be graduating early b/c you took a million AP's). However, AP/IB may be used for acceleration credit to skip into higher level courses in several disciplines. The general idea is that Yale doesn't think AP's should replace college courses, but that students should never repeat practically the same material if they've already done it (beware though that even intro classes generally cover WAYYY more than AP's though so it may be a bad idea to skip).</p>

<p>As for admissions, I think you should take a classics course if you are genuinely interested in it and want to pursue it independently. I don't think it is going to swing the admissions office to accept you but it certainly won't hurt you. Beware though that I doubt it'll help.</p>

<p>As for colleges, not sure about online classics courses. Plenty of colleges have great summer study programs though, e.g. Yale's Summer Session.</p>

<p>Thank you, however I was not talking about college credit- I meant high school credit. Sorry for not being clearer (I actually thought about specifying as I was writing it lol). Surely other people have some online class ideas? Any universities you might know of that offer a wide selection?</p>