Online College Classes

I am a current first year student at a prestigious university. To graduate with an engineering degree I need to take a ton of general elective classes. I was hoping to take some of these online this summer and transfer the credit over. However, most of the typical classes from well known online programs (NAU, UoP, etc) are well over 1,000$. I don’t care much about the quality of the class but I was wondering if there was any that I can enroll in for less than 1,000$ (Hopefully near 500$). Obviously, I would check with my university first to make sure it would count, but any suggestions or recommendations about potential online courses would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

I would talk to your registrar’s office and see if they will accept community college classes in terms of more affordable general ed classes. Perhaps a cc in your state will have some affordable summer online classes that match the general ed your looking for and the university will accept them… The registrar can probably also explain the proper procedure of finding out if the course will be accepted before you spend money on it.