Online Computer Science Course help college application?

<p>So currently, im a junior and i'm enrolled in game institute's online c++ programming course module I and II , if i pass this course will this look good on my college application considering i plan on majoring in computer science? I REALLY REALLY want to go to USC Viterbi for their Computer Science(Games) B.S degree program. Will this look at all impressive on my college application?</p>

<p>C++ would be a definite advantage for your first year at USC since most high school students only learn Java. I think you will have to have the SAT scores, grades, leadership, and school and community involvement to really help.</p>

<p>Oh really??, the course consist of two parts, first is learning the fundamentals of C++(variables,arrays,pointers,reference,object oriented programming, polymorphism) and the second is when they teach you a windows API. I'm currently studying for the SAT's im working on getting around 2100. I've volunteered for all the marathons and triathlons in San Francisco(that's like around 40-50 hours?), I'm in a academy at school, AOIT(Academy of Information Technology), I'm doing a sport(Dragon boat), I plan on taking AP classes(AP Calculus, and Physics honors(the highest you can go), I plan on doing Jump Start for the next two years(It's like a event or a orientation for the incoming freshman), I'm a 3.75 - 4.0 GPA student, i got a 4.0 gpa last semester. I'm currently learning pointers and references. </p>

<p>How will all of this look on my application when i send to USC?</p>

<p>I think your running in all these marathons is a definitely a great hobby that you can talk about in your applications. Do you know if they have had others from your school who have been admitted to USC? if so, I would get in touch with your admissions counselor that represents your school and ask the original post you have posted on CC. Would be a great way to get to know him or her. Good luck!</p>