"Online" Course Offerings

We have not been to Bama Bound yet, so bear with me.

When looking through some classes on the schedule builder, I notice that certain sections are “offered online” - LGS 200, for instance, has many sections offered online.

What exactly does that mean?
Are these self-paced sections that a person can do online without going to an actual class?
How are homework, quizzes, and tests administered and graded in these “online” sections?

Many thanks.

There are 2 online LGS 200 sections offered in Fall 2015. One is reserved for distance learners only and the other requires special permission: “Permits are issued for extreme circumstances only. For approval, email online@culverhouse. ua. edu” (no spaces).

SEA_Tide will chime in as he has taken an online course or two…I myself would not recommend this for an incoming freshman. Some courses lend themselves to online learning and some do not.

Thanks @aeromom !

The format of an online class depends on the instructor. I took several online classes before attending UA and took many others while attending UA. Very few online courses will be self paced; many will be like an on-campus course, but the homework is done online. Exams may or may not be proctored at the Distance Learning office on campus.

LGS 200 is one course which could be taken online, but is really fun to take in person. I highly recommend the evening sections taught by local judges and lawyers. I took a once a week, 2.5 hour class taught by a local judge and it was quite possibly my favorite class at UA. One of my favorite days during that class was when I was the only student who realized that the example given was the plot of the movie My Cousin Vinny, which was set in rural Alabama.

That said, I made the mistake of taking a schedule my first semester which made it difficult to interact with other freshmen or join clubs as I only took 3 on campus classes, the first of which started at 3:30 PM and lasted until 7:00 or 9:00 PM. From then on, I tried to limit myself to one online class per semester, but never had a class before 11:00 am.

@Sea_tide thanks for the info!