Online courses to boost GPA

Hello All
My daughter is a Sophomore in a CA public HS. She would like to take some UCScout AP courses over the summer to improve her low GPA. Her high school will not accept/ add these online course GPA to her school transcript. Does UC and CSUs accept online course transcripts and add that GPA in its weighted GPA calculations? Basically, can you improve your weighted GPA by taking online courses in 10th and 11th grade?

All a-g subject courses from all high schools and all UC-transferable college courses are to be put into the UC application, regardless of whether your regular high school includes it in your record. At matriculation, you will have send final transcripts from all high schools and colleges attended to verify your self-reported courses and grades.

UC recalculated GPA comes in three variants: unweighted, weighted-capped, fully weighted. The weighted-capped version is the one normally found on UC web sites unless stated otherwise, and CSU uses the weighted-capped version. Note that since the weighted-capped version counts only up to 8 semesters’ worth of honors courses, adding more courses (honors or otherwise) if you already have 8 semesters’ worth of honors courses in 10th-11th grade will “dilute” the honors points and make the weighted-capped GPA go down.

You can try calculating the UC GPAs at .

Thank you.