Online degree when applying to grad school?


I’m now currently studying business in a uni in Asia. I want to study psychoanalysis in graduate school in the US but my uni doesn’t offer BA in psychology. So I was considering taking online undergraduate degree program while in my current business program.

Do you think it is possible to get into a master’s program/phD/psyD with an online BA degree in psychology?

or Would it be better to transfer to a traditional school that offers the BA i need?

Could you do a masters in psych and just take whatever prerequisites you need?

My wife is getting her BA in Psychology from Northeastern University online and they are a really good school. There are many great schools in the US that offer that specific degree online. Thus, you shouldn’t have any problem getting into a graduate program if you do well.

find a traditional school that offers online courses. When you get your degree it won’t say online on it and the grad school you are applying to wouldn’t know. Not that they would care either way. Online courses from legit schools are not looked down upon.

It’s the online courses from the for profit schools that are looked down upon.