online LSAT prep

Hi, hoping some of you can help me. i am looking for inexpensive online materials where i can work on practice LSATs, see answer keys, and a short explanation as to why answers are correct. As background on me, i am a long time practicing lawyer, scored very well on LSAT way back when i took it(i think 48 was top score when i took it and test ranged from 10 to 48??) and am taking what is called a logic based measurement test in 3 weeks that i would like to preferably do well on and at a minimum, i want to at least pass the darn thing. LSAT prep may help me to do better on this test which is why i am here.

Ii don’t need the premier books or classes to get a 175 as i am thankfully long done with law school. i just need a serious cram refresher that will not drive a practicing attorney bonkers as my time to prep for this is far less than what i had available as a student. something that will give me bottom line and quick info rather than lengthy explanations.

Also, i would be glad to offer any career advice to any of you. Right now, i’d ask to not disturb me until Nov 4th when i’ll be done with the above test. After that, i would be glad to help you with career questions, tips, etc. my how i get into law school info may be too outdated to benefit any of you but i will gladly field questions on that too. thanks to all.

LSAT Blog has pretty concise explanations for most practice questions:

What is the logic based measurement test? Sounds interesting. Hope it went well!

thanks, i just finished test. the LBMT is a test the govt gives to lawyers who are competing for federal Admin law judge spots, it is one part of a several part testing process.

i assume you are applying to law schools? how is that going?