Online multivariable course

My kid finished Ap Calc BC in his junior year and scored a 5 on the AP exam. His HS doesn’t offer multivariable calculus. I have been looking for online flexible courses and found two that may work:

  1. Multivariable Calculus Online Course for Credit - Distance Calculus
  2. University of Wisc.: Calculus III | Independent Learning

Both of these give college credit and have at least 6 months from the start date to finish.
(Not interested in the CTY MVC course that’s often mentioned on CC.)I have searched the CC forums and was not able to find any recent comments. If you have any experience with either of these programs, or any related comments, that would be very helpful. Thank you.

One consideration could be whether those courses appear in the transfer credit databases of colleges that the student may eventually matriculate to.

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My D is in the same boat and the Community College in both our county and the larger adjacent county teach MVC and Linear, each with an online option, and both with BC as a pre-req.

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My daughter was in the same situation. She took the Multivariable course with Johns Hopkins. She did not get college credit, but did get credit on her high school transcript that correlated to an AP class. I am not familiar with the other two options, however, be careful with college credit courses. I am fairly certain that If for some reason your son gets a B, it will be on his permanent college transcript. My daughter liked the course because she could work on it anytime she wanted and could take as long as she needed to finish the course

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My son did the Stanford on-line MVC class his senior year. Had a good experience with it.

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My kid took two courses through University of Colorado, Colorado Springs this year. He will be a math major, so they worked for placement into higher level courses next year. Not sure on credit yet. But that will vary by college.

I think this program really targets kids who have run out of options at their high school. Classes included colleges students also this year. Don’t know what’s typical in a nonCovid year.


For what it’s worth, I know several kids at my D’s school who took the Johns Hopkins courses and had a positive experience. I agree with @Engineer9 that if your goal is to get college credit that would need to be researched further. Everyone I know who did it just received high school credit.


Thanks, everyone, for the suggestions! I will look into them further. Our hs will not give any high school credit for anything. While they offer a post-Calc BC course for seniors, it’s a hodgepodge seminar course . My son has signed up for it , because everyone else is taking it too!

So 3 comments.

1/ Since there is a post-AP option available, what is the need to take MVC, particularly for no credit?

2/ Post-AP, even if a “hodgepodge,” can still be valuable (and maybe more valuable than an online course), particularly if the topics include proofs, which is not part of the BC curriculum

3/ Why is mom looking into these things? Tell the kid to do it.