Online or in person exam

for the calculus exam , I am wondering if anyone has insight on whether online or in person would be better. because the online version allows notes, more prep time, but you can’t skip/go backwards on questions, and you cannot do photo submissions for FRQs (meaning it all has to be entered digitally which is a pain). whereas the in person version would have the opposite pros and cons. any thoughts? what are you guys doing ?

My daughters are doing all in person.

could you share their reasons for doing that?

Their teachers recommended it along with my sister who teaches AP Psych and APUSH. You can’t sue the College Board this year if there is an issue. The ability to move around the test. Online you have to answer all prompts whereas in person you may only do one. They have plagiarism and other software to detect cheating. If you are caught, whether guilty or not you can be reported to colleges or banned from further College Board testing. Scores below 4 won’t cut it at the schools they are attending and this is what they feel most comfortable with.