Online or paper app?

<p>Is anyone familiar enough with Vassar's online and paper apps to know which is better? Thank you for your wisdom!</p>

<p>Better in what regard? Both will work just fine.</p>

<p>Sometimes the online app is very oddly formatted and is extremely stingy about word limits. Sometimes people REALLY encourage online apps. I'm not sure...</p>

<p>Well, if you're having issues with the format of the online application, you may just want to do a paper application. I'm not sure if Vassar has a preference, but I used the paper application and didn't have any problems at all. Whatever you choose, good luck!</p>

<p>Try to work the online app if you can then print it out. Thats what I did. Unless your very neat, the printed app is a lot neater and u dont want to be unlucky and have your app read by someone at night with no patience about handwriting....ahhh!!! so much to worry about</p>