Online schooling for over a year and a half now? Any advice?

I’m so sad that my college experience is being taken away due to the pandemic. I know things could be so much worse and I should be grateful but it’s so hard not seeing anyone for so long. My spring semester is online too so that is over a year of college taken away due to this pandemic. It is hard being at home because my family situation is not great, its hard not having seen my friends in so long, not knowing when or if we’ll be able to again, and I fear for our connections to be lost due to so much time apart. Again I know things could be worse but I’m just so tired of this situation and I miss seeing people and not being on my laptop the majority of the day. I am also just angry that so many other colleges like in the south are operating normal and people there are selfishly living their lives in this pandemic so they are experiencing the closest possible experience to a normal college life as possible. It feels like I have to watch my friends at other colleges lives close to normal lives while I can’t, and even though I’m being safe, other people aren’t, so it just sucks. Idek if this is a question or if i sound spoiled or whatever but I’m sad and anxious about the future and tired of it all. Does anyone have any wisdom that could help make me feel better lol? I don’t even know what to do with my feelings.

I don’t think you sound spoiled. All of your feelings are valid. This really, really sucks. I hope that this thread turns out to be a safe place to vent :slight_smile: Yes, things could be much much worse but still the losses are real, and even without the loss of the college experience, the lack of normal, in person social connections is very, very hard.

You can reach out to your college counseling office if you want some professional help. You could mute those friends on social media so you don’t have to see their “normal”, partying, on campus lives.

Some families are allowing (and funding) their students to move to an apartment near the college, or anywhere actually, to live with friends. This might not be an option for you but I thought I’d throw it out. Some are also taking a gap semester, so that they can save their college time for when things are closer to normal.