Online Schooling

<p>I'm a freshman in high school, but due to special circumstances I learn at an online high school.
This year I've taken the following classes: biology, English, algebra I, health, and world history for the first semester. In the second semester, I took biology honors, English, algebra I honors, psychology, personal fitness, and world history honors.</p>

<p>I should be finishing this year with at least a 3.7GPA (unweighted)</p>

<p>My goal is to go to Harvard Medical School and become a surgeon. For undergrad, my matches are probably University of Washington, possibly NYU and my reaches include Stanford, Harvard, Yale, Dartmouth, etc.
I'd really like to get into one of my reaches, but I need help.
What are some tips? Like, what classes to take, what grades to shoot for, what ECs to get.</p>

<p>(Also, I currently don't have extracurriculars, but starting sophomore year I am doing a three-year course in film, I have a youtube page that in the next three years should increase to at least 10,000 viewers, and I will be getting a job sophomore year as well. I am also currently working at getting my art into galleries in Israel)</p>