Online Tracker question!

<p>Ok, so the online tracker says everything is in except for Sec. School report, and one teacher rec. However, my guidance counselor said she sent it off the Friday before Nov. 5th, and my teacher sent off the rec. on Nov. 1st. I am afraid that the stuff won't get there. I thought one week would be enough, but apparently, it's still not there.. But postmarked on those days would be ok right?</p>

<p>Ya = I think they look at date when it was postmarked - it is probably due to an amount of mail they get so it takes some time until they will input all data. Be patient :)</p>

<p>yep, they say to allow two weeks.</p>

<p>the college will probably call ur high school to ask for a fax of the school report. But usually, the college will notify you first.</p>

<p>musicbuster007, do you see your school report and teacher rec. in the online tracker now?? I have similar situation and I haven't seen mine yet. Did you call them?

<p>I think (this is just pure speculation) that they receive the stuff, process it (summarise it, type it up, etc) and then tell you it's processed. Therefore they can have your transcript and eval A&B and not have processed it yet (which is likely at this peak time) and so it won't show up in the tracker.</p>

<p>I think (again as speculation) that they just get bins full of mail and it takes time to open up every single piece and just put it into folders of thousands of kids. Then they have to go check off on every kid's tracker what is in and what isn't. Theres my two pennies.</p>

<p>Well, I think I will just give it couple more days. It really makes me nervous, I sent in my part 2 11/05 and it was marked processed 3 days later; which makes me think they process their mail pretty fast. But I haven't seen my school report & evalB, they were sent 2~3 weeks ago.</p>