Online tutors

Are there any online good tutors who really make difference in improving the scores by 200 points? Of course, the student has to put in their hard work.

Thanks in advance.

There are lots of people that say they can
Even guarantee it. We used a “live” tutor but didn’t know he did online all around the world… But one day my son went to go meet him at a library (where they did the sessions) and missed the train. Agh… So they guy suggested they do it over Skype. After that… No reason to do it live again… Lol.

The tutor gave my son some tips /tricks especially for his weaker areas like the reading /English sessions. They fine tuned the others which were his strong points. We found our working on the “speed” of the tests was an area that he needed to improve on.

He used this book.

It has tons of practice problems and great tips. That with Khan Academy online. Maybe a few privates with a tutor. We found graduate students can do a great job as tutors BTW and usually more affordable that the big companies.

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This work book saved me!
brought my ACT score up over five points in a matter of months. (made for act, but I think it’ll help prepare you for any test)

I believe that the author of the book also does online tutoring sessions.
Here is the website: with the email to get in touch with Winni

I would definitely recommend the book and tutor! I know other people who have also used him as their tutor and they’ve also brought their scores up tremendously. He also helped me practice for the psat and sat, those just weren’t my main focuses (I liked the act more than the sat).

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Hey! I think VarsityTutors has online practice tests that are really great (and you probably don’t need to tutor with them). Additionally, there are KhanAcademy videos.

if you’re looking for humans, there are a whole bunch of great tutors you can find on Wyzant and all over the internet! Personally I think a human tutor isn’t as helpful as someone you can occasionally reach out to explain a topic/keep your study regiment in line. So maybe someone you know who’s gone through the SAT process is enough, and you could rely on just doing a bunch of book reading and prep like that. :slight_smile: