only 1 high school option in app...


I am not sure if this will fit with usual admission applications to super-elite colleges, but I think this problem is very absurd.

I was filling out the California state college application (, and there was only 1 high school option! I went to two different high schools, and I would not be able to enter many of my coures if I can’t list both schools.

This error is present both on online and paper application. I think this is very rediculous, and shows incompetence and lack of forward thinking.

But how do I contact officials to correct the mistake? I sent an email to csumentor two days ago, but no reply yet…


<p>Well, since 2 days ago was friday, and there hasn't been a business day since then, I'd say wait another day or so.</p>

<p>try calling, it might get results faster</p>