Only 2 Honors, Freshman Year

If I only were to take 2 honors my freshman year, (English and History) do I still have good chances (statisticly) that I can get into a high college?

Also to clarify: I had started a club with 2 of my friends, and I am in 2 more, I also have an editor position in yearbook and retaking the first course of my language.

It is too early to tell. If you show an upward trend in level of rigor and get excellent grades, that will help keep some doors open. As a freshman and sophomore (and even making class choices for junior year), I would focus on “keeping doors open” rather than targeting particular colleges. That means taking 4 years in each of the five cores, keeping up your grades, increasing rigor over time, staying engaged in your extracurriculars while expanding your participation level in your favorites and exploring them in depth.

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