Only 3 SAT IIs?

<p>The online app gives room for 4 SAT IIs but only 3 show up on the PDF. If you actually can only have 3, which are the best out of: Math IIC, Physics, Chemistry, Writing (800 on all). My SAT is 800M, 770CR, and 720W, so although I would definitely not have the Writing SAT II on the application if my writing SAT score was higher, but it’s not. What do I do?</p>

<p>what's your major?</p>

<p>School of Arts and Sciences, and I put undecided down cuz all I know I want to do is science (which I wrote about in the essay).</p>

<p>They're going to see all of them on your CB score report anyway.</p>

<p>chem, math 2, and writing. in that order</p>

<p>audiophile, it's true that they have the option of looking at all the score, but I think they actually only look at the scores you put down.</p>

<p>I only say this because when I contacted the admissions office, they only had data (in their network) of the information I put down on my application. In addition, I don't think they know how many times an applicant has taken the SATs (a reg. director told me this after I asked if it would be looked down upon if I took the SATs more than 3 times). I don't think they would really go through the trouble, since they have thousands of applicants each year. Just my 2 cents.</p>

<p>I don't think Penn cares enough about SAT scores to differentiate b/w whether or not you have 3 or 4 800's. I believe Penn accepts the Writing SAT II in place of the Writing SAT I. If so, I think that'd be a good one to put on there.</p>

<p>Really? Writing > Physics? Writing isn't even a mainstream one anymore.</p>

<p>yeah, but if you're undecided, the writing plugs a gap, while physics is well covered by math and chem (to a much lesser extent).</p>

<p>but they said they still accept the old SAT combined with the old SAT II writing. call them up or do some research to see if you could just include the SAT II in your composite for a 2370?</p>