Only applying to one college, should I let them know that in my PIQs?

Transfer student here, new to the forums, and using UC app.

I am only applying to UC Irvine for Computer Science.
Would it be a positive or negative if I were to say that I am only applying to UCI in my PIQs somewhere?

4.0 GPA
EC: Fast food and coding tutor

I’m not sure what PIQ means, but UC Irvine, according to its Common Data Set, doesn’t consider interest.

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Personal Insight Question, the UC non- essay essay. The UC admissions presentations I’ve attended say not to mention a certain school.

Thanks, I wasn’t aware of that.

Why would they care that you apply only to one ? I get you are trying to say if you accept me I will come.

Most publics don’t look at interest although some websites say they do. I think you will be in or not in based on your metrics.

Good luck.