Only assigned to one house tour is it a bad thing? #sororityrush

The house one of my number 1 one choices coz I have two number 1 choices. Asian American/Viet American to be exact. I wasn’t wearing a dress or a skirt the meeting the chapters day/day 1. Nice shirt with floral black leggings is what I wore. Whenever they asked why do I want to join I said like usual I’ve been in Girls Scouts for over 10 years and I had a lot of fun connecting with the girls. Also, something along the lines of not judging the other girls. Ony question I ever asked a sorority was community service if the girl didn’t mention about it and only one photo question. I may have complained about work a bit like my work hours to like 2-3 chapters not the one that I’m house touring though. Also, the chapter that I’m house touring was also the first chapter room I went to on the first day. I still have philanthropy night and preference day. My rho gamma says no mistake. There was another Asian girl in my rho gamma group maybe Filipino but not sure and don’t know anything about her schedule house your wise. College is primarily white and I’m a freshman. Sorry if long yet thanks if read it all and gave me a good answer.

I believe it means you were cut from the other sororities, which is not a good sign as your remaining sorority can still cut you for philanthropy night and pref night, leaving you without a bid.

Sounds like you were cut. Question is why. It may be that you did not have alumni recommendations or it may be that you were a bad fit.

Make sure you are dressing appropriately for the event. I assume your outfit the first day was not? It isn’t about the clothes as much as showing that you understand social rules like dressing for the occasion. Be positive and smile. If you don’t make the pref night, don’t sweat it. There are usually hundreds if not thousands of organizations to join on a college campus. You’ll find a place. You might even consider starting your own sorority.