only freshman in class

<p>so without going into specifics i was looking at classmate roster and i'm the only freshman in a HUGE lecture class. is there reason for concern?</p>

<p>Depends on the class and your background/familiarity with the material.</p>

<p>There's still orientation 7 kids waiting too :)</p>

<p>thats true there is still orinetation 7 i'm sure somebody else will be in this class besides me</p>

<p>What class is it? I don't think it is a cause for concern at all, I was one of two freshman in one class freshman year and one of maybe 5 in another and both were excellent and not too difficult at all.</p>

<p>How do you look at the classmate roster?</p>

<p>^Log into Agora and go to Classmate Roster</p>