Only ONE AP course taken

I come from an extremely small and rural school, so I have not been awarded the same academic opportunities as students from better funded institutions. Particularly, my school has only offered me one AP course since my junior year, and now they have begun to cut further AP courses I had planned on fulfilling my senior year. Now I find myself in a catch-22 situation; I could self study whatever courses I had planned on taking, but my test scores would come in too late for me to submit them to any colleges. I have taken other honors and dual enrollment courses, but I fear that my unexemplary course record may be enough to weed me out in a selective college admissions process. I have extremely satisfactory grades an assortment of other accomplishments behind me that might help make up for this, but I’m still an anxious wreck. My nerves are beginning to unravel over this, and I feel that although I did the best with the materials and opportunities I’ve been given, I’ve failed somehow. I would be very grateful if someone could weigh in on how much a lack of AP courses might affect me. Thank you.

You will be judged in the context of what your school offers. Nobody will penalize you for not being able to take courses that do not exist. Your school report will summarize course offerings as well as GPA and test score distribution so colleges will be able to determine where you fit in. Don’t worry about what you can’t control!

Top ranked universities do not expect you to fix your high school. They expect you to excel in the context of whatever high school you attend.

I attended a high school that did not have any AP classes at all. When I arrived at MIT as a freshman I did not even know what an AP class was, and was surprised that the majority of the freshman class had already taken AP calculus. This meant that I had to take calculus as a freshman, and my freshman calculus class was small. I suppose that this meant that I had one less elective compared to other students. Otherwise it was not a problem.

One daughter also attended a high school that did not have any AP classes. She still was accepted to every university that she applied to, with merit aid from most. She is doing very well at a very good university (right now she is doing a research project for the summer).

“I did the best with the materials and opportunities I’ve been given”

That is exactly what you should do. I do not think that there is a problem here.


Just piling on to be sure the message gets through… :smiley:

“I did the best with the materials and opportunities I’ve been given”

is all any college can, and will, expect of you.

@Georts You’ll be fine! Colleges know, and understand, that high schools across the country vary widely in terms of curriculum and resources, and will not hold against you your school’s decision to roll back AP course offerings. As you stated in your original post, continue to do well in school, but also know that school isn’t everything: the Admissions Office (especially through alumni interviews/video profiles, essays etc) want to know that you’ll contribute to the campus’ community as a PERSON, not just as a student.

The College Admissions process can get a bit stressful at times; looking back at the past year, I highly recommend you take this time to do something that’s calming to you: whether it’s re-reading old favorites, playing with siblings, gardening etc. fter you’ve submitted your applications, it’s largely in the hands of the Admissions Office to decide, so don’t worry too much about it after submission (though still make sure you’ve submitted your test scores and stuff lol.)

Hope this helps! Good luck with admissions! :smile: