only person from school

<p>hey, does it help if youre the only person from your (successful public) school applying? Every year at least a few people frmo my school apply, and 1 or 2 usually get in. I also think the area rep knows my guidance counselor, so maybe Yale is like familiar with my school, so does it help that I'm the only kid applying?</p>

<p>I think so. They definitely compare you with the rest of the applicants from your school, so the way I see the, less the applicants the greater chance you have.</p>

<p>yeah, lucky you, compared to my school, where five are applying early and MANY more are applying regular! Only one girl from our school got in last year. I'm not sure how many applied EA with her though.</p>

<p>Chidimma, I wouldn't spend too much time worrying about it. I'm one of five applying early from my school too (although I heard a rumor that a sixth kid is being recruited). At our school meeting with admissions officer, someone asked that question, and she flat out said, "I would be less worried about the competition in your school and more worried about your competition from all over the country."</p>

<p>oh, I'm DEF. am more worried about that! haha</p>

<p>Hmmm that was supposed to make you feel better, but now that I reread it...</p>


<p>I AM TOO!</p>

<p>they look at you compared to everyone else from across the nation, not just from your school, so being the only one doesnt mean anything, two years ago at my school, 6 kids applied early to pton, 5 got in early, the 6th got deferred and then accepted in march (i think, all i know is that we sent 6 kids to pton from the class of 2003) did i mention our average class size is like high 40s, so yeah, 6 kids was like 1/8 of the class that year.</p>