ONLY personal experience on SAT2 Writing???

<p>i dont know. is it okay to discuss only about personal experiences for SAT2 Writing essay?? i heard histroical accounts look good. but i think i will be more comfortable to write about what happened in my life , especially under the time pressure.. should I still try to include some historical accounts?? thanks.</p>

<p>to get a good grade you have to mention something from literature, history, and then (personal experience or media/public/recent events). You can't only write about your experience how is that enough backup information and detail to prove the sentence or question being asked? its not enough for the SAT</p>

<p>I personally would stick to history (if you know your facts - so you sound smart) or "advanced" literature (Shakespeare, etc). </p>

<p>Then again, some people who have gotten 12s advocate personal experience only.</p>

<p>It really only matters that you write a good essay. Its untrue that you have to mention something from literature, history, and whatever else. Its entirely possible to write a great essay and get a great score by only writing about personal experience.</p>

<p>Write about what you are comfortable with, whether it's personal experience, history, literary, or current events</p>