Only taking 2 APs next year, can I do exams w/ out classes?

<p>My school offers US History, Biology, English Literature, Calculus, and Chemistry. The other school close to me offers Statistics, Human Geography, American Gov., Econ., European History, Psychology, Latin, and Spanish. </p>

<p>Now, I'm probably going with the US History and Biology AP classes if I can still get in them having already taken the CP courses. I'm doing my last english credits needed at a local community college for honors credits so I don't need the English Lit. AP for that gap. But my question is can I take the AP exams without the classes? I'd start studying during the summer and through the school year since the extra APs would help out my college app. Another question is how would colleges be able to see those scores and how they weighed into my GPA since it would be my senior year. Would I have to add that to my applications or essays that I'm currently preparing for those exams and am in the classes?</p>

<p>If you're self-studying for an AP, it does not affect your GPA at all, colleges will see that when you put the score down on your app and you can still get credit for them at colleges. I dont' understand your last question, you're talking about not taking the classes but are asking about putting down that you are in those classes?</p>

<p>Yeah, like since I'm taking them currently while also doing the college apps</p>