only two years of foreign language offered at school, will this hurt chances?

<p>On Duke's website, at least three years of a foreign language are recommended. However, my school only offers two years (and to take the language I wanted I had to take an online class). Will this hurt my chances? I know admissions officers are only supposed to judge you within the boundaries of your high school, but it's still kind of a scary thought that I may not be accepted for something I couldn't help</p>

<p>No, it won’t. I never took any foreign language course in high school and still got in. If this still worries you, just let your counselor explain the situation to the schools.</p>

<p>Ok great thanks mathematicism</p>

<p>Your courseload difficulty is evaluated within the context of the courses available at your school. This information will usually be included in your official transcript sent by your high school.</p>