OOPS: the last post had wrong GPA! ASian girl trying to get into UNC, USC, mich, ucsd

<p>what are my chances are unc, michigan, usc, ucsd or santa clara?</p>

<p>Female Asian-American student
From Seattle
Attends prestigous prep high school
3.85 unweighted
4.33 weighted</p>

M 670
V 720</p>

<p>SAT 2's
lit 700
math 2 700
writing 800
us his 700</p>

<p>very good essays/recommendations</p>

<p>APs: (only ones offered at school)
Ap chem
ap calculus</p>

English all 4 years
Math all 4 years
Honors Physics
Honors Biology
Honors Chemistry</p>

<p>250+ Volunteer Service Hrs
"WHo's Who" student
HIgh involvement in school leadership activities
Expert pianist of 9 years (passion!)
Spanish Club
Diversity Awareness Club
School mentor
Job- paid tutor</p>