<p>So for one of my college essays, there's a line, "To strive for what I want I must venture beyond the lines and see for myself I can create on a limitless white canvas." I have submitted the app for which this essay was written for already and I just found the typo. It is supposed to say "see for myself WHAT I can create on a limitless white canvas".</p>

<p>Is this make or break? Is it super significant? :/ the rest of my essay is well-written and perfect in grammatical terms</p>

<p>take a deep breath, it is not a deal breaker. Not at all.</p>

<p>thanks so much. i guess in the competitive world of admissions today, i fear adcoms will use little things like this to reject students just to make admission decisions a little easier :/</p>

<p>Please don't ever make a thread about something as small as this. If it's a small typo it will in no way affect your application.</p>

<p>it shows them you are human</p>

<p>actually, do make a thread about this--it helps others realize that they can breathe--this is not a deal breaker</p>