OOS '09. Chance me?

<p>I live in the state of Washington. I go to a pretty big schools that typically has a few kids go to Ivy league type schools.</p>

<p>GPA: ~3.7 in all IB classes, Four years of spanish
SAT: 1970
Reading: 710
Math: 620
Writing: 640</p>

<p>Extra Curriculars:
Varsity Basketball (2 years, junior senior)
Varsity XC ( 2 years, frosh soph)
Varsity Track (all 4 years)
Between the summer of sophomore and junior year I was in a play that my school took to the world famous Fringe Festival in Edinburgh, Scotland
Was in a select choir that went to Japan freshman year and Washington DC in 8th grade
Worked twice as a camp counselor
Worked construction one summer<br>
3 years in the school newspaper (copy editor junior year, editor-in-chief senior year)
Volunteering to help put on local communtity races
Served as a page twice for the State Legislature</p>

<p>Do I have a good shot? Should I retake the SAT? Which SAT IIs should i take?</p>

<p>you are lacking academic extracurricular activities.
besides that, keep it up.
i'll give you a 59%</p>

<p>What do you consider "academic" extracurriculars? Would the newspaper count? What could I do within the next year that would count as an academic extra curricular? Unfortunately I don't have time with sports for Debate or something like that.</p>


<p>My grades were higher and SAT a bit lower, but other than that, your stuff looks a lot like mine did. I went to a very prestigious private prep school, though. I had very little academic extracurricular except I went to a math meet once which was utterly hilarious.</p>

<p>academic extracurriculars as in FBLA, Mu alpha beta, nhs,...</p>

<p>Retake the SAT and maybe try the ACT. Take three SAT II's, including the Math 2 one. Depending on what AP classes you've taken and what you're interested in, maybe taken US History, Literature, or a language one. I think your EC's, especially your experience as a page, is interesting and unique.</p>

<p>If you have 4 years of spanish the sat 2 should be cake. i did very well on it after 3 years of spanish.</p>


<p>just curious but how did u go about getting that page job</p>

<p>I've said this before in other posts that there are so many kids applying who have scores and EC's like yours that I think it comes down to the personal stuff like essays and what they may be looking for regionally, ethnically, etc etc... Get some serious help on the essays but make sure they are 100% your own. Help as in opinions of subject, grammar and the like. I heard they have a category for essays at all the colleges it's called DDI (daddy did it) or MDI (mommy did it) Good Luck!!!</p>

<p>you need to improve you standardized test scores, but most importantly are ESSAYS AND EC'S thats what got me in to UNC with an OOS GPA of 3.3(but i went to ubber elite private school)</p>

<p>Getting page jobs is mostly about contacting your local representative. If you know someone who works down at the state legislature it's a piece of cake.</p>

<p>1) Retake the SATs. Coming from out of state, you need to shoot for the 2100 area.
2) At first your EC's seem lacking, but at second glance they're definitely time consuming. So play those up in your explanations/ maybe even in your essays.
3) Speaking of essays, blow them out of the water. Rock the essays, and get awesome teacher recs. Ask your teachers to interview you. An interview will be more helpful than a resume. So it might be a little awkward, but do it anyways. </p>

<p>Best of luck. I think you've got a good shot if you play your cards right :)

<p>I'd say your SATs could probably use a little bump, but you might be OK now. The all-IBs should help you quite a bit, I would think. And your extracurriculars are more than fine already, don't worry about that at all.</p>