OOS applied...I think I may have screwed up

<p>I submitted my UC app to Berkeley and UCLA last night, but I forgot to put on there that I want to be considered for admission through my test scores/exception (don’t have the arts requirement).</p>

<p>Is there an address I can mail/email these details to? I know I should have put it in part 3 of my personal statement but I didn’t read up about it till this morning…■■■…</p>

<p>Admission by exception is extremely rare, and used for recruited athletes and scions of world leaders, as well as extremely unique circumstances, i.e., Olympic Champion, Pulitzer Prize Winner, took a company public. In other words, you better bring a BIG hook for admission by exception. </p>

<p>If your test scores average ~710 times five, your app should be read for admission by testing. (Indeed, testing-alone is how many home school kids are accepted.) But, if you want more comfort, just send each campus to which you applied a short letter.</p>

<p>Thank you, bluebayou! Right now I'm getting a 433/425 for the examination score, so I think I'm alright (using my old SAT scores, I put planned Dec 09 on the app, which should be higher).</p>

<p>Also, on a related note, the website says: "The University sets slightly different eligibility criteria for applicants who are not California residents. Nonresident students are not guaranteed admission to UC, even if they meet the eligibility criteria."</p>

<p>Does that mean OOS get put in a separate pile by default and let in on a case-by-case basis (in that I don't even need to worry about the examination standards)?</p>

<p>No what it means is the every California resident who meets the minimum eligibility standards is guaranteed admission to a UC campus, which may only be UC Merced, but the guarantee is there. OOS applicants have no such guarantee. </p>

<p>But yes, OOS apps are reviewed separately but that is only so they maybe reviewed by app readers who have some experience with OOS grading and course patterns, and OOS high schools. Testing-alone will make you eligible for admission, and your grades, test scores, ECs and the other stuff will determine whether you are accepted. So, even tho you don't have a VAPA course, you will still need mostly all A's for acceptance into Cal or UCLA. (And that is only bcos instate acceptees have mostly all A's.)</p>

<p>Note, however, that just bcos you are eligible, UC obviously places value on the arts requirement -- which is why it is an admissions requirement! I assume that not having the VAPA course will be a negative, but how big a negative I have no idea, since some/many OOS applicants do not have one either. OTOH, UC is trying to attract more OOS students bcos they are full pay, so perhaps they will lessen the focus on VAPA. </p>

<p>Good luck.</p>

<p>edit: Just checked your chances thread. UNC is a wondeful school at hard to beat at instate prices. Sure Cal CS is top-notch, but you would be foolish to pay that kinda money for OOS, IMO. You other post does not indicate if you are applying to Cal's College of Engineering or Letters & Sciences. (Comp Sci can be completed at both.) L&S is much easier to get into than Engineering for a Frosh. But don't try L&S as a backdoor way into Eng since transferring into Eng is extremely difficult.</p>

<p>Also consider UCLA, USC, which loves high test scores, and of course, Stanford.</p>