OOS becoming NC resident sophomore year?

My daughter just got accepted at NC State. We live in S.C. For her major requests, she prefers NCS, to Clemson. Of course, NCS is going to be twice as expensive as Clemson. I was recently told that if she attends as an OOS freshman, and then moves off campus to an apartment summer before sophomore, she could then be classed as an instate student. is this really feasible?
Many thanks.

No. Hopefully, she will find something to love about her state schools, like Clemson, USC, or College of Charleston . If you truly don’t want to pay "twice " the price for NC State, tell her so. Ideally, what you were willing to pay would have been established before applications went out.

That is not the way it works.

I think unless you dont declare her on your tax returns maybe. But that would have to be done for this year. She would probably have to get a job and pay taxes to the state.
We are in the same boat VA is much less expensive My son may be coming to USC due to scholarship but still more expensive than going to school in VA

OP can look online at the state policies regarding what makes one a resident for instate tuition. That’s official.

Generally, any time you go to a state for the purpose of education, that disqualifies you. You want to see how NC does it. Some states have merit (or merit-like) awards that allow the lower IS tuition. But those are few. The reduced tuition is a perk for state tax payers.

Thanks for your reply TomSr.
I realize that now after looking on state websites.
No harm in asking though.
Go Pats!

Thanks jgwolf.
After looking at state websites, being an independent student helps to get residency. Our daughter will stay dependent while she is at college.
Good luck to you and your son. USC here in S.C. or Southern California? If here…maybe I could adopt him and he could get instate!

Thank you looking forward.
As previously said, I have now looked at state websites. It seems S.C. and NC are similar.
FYI everybody, I did speak to a mom today whose child is a junior at Clemson. Their roommate is an independent out of state student who started her residency application last year and is now paying instate.
State websites do state you have to live there for 12 months prior to application, but also show evidence you plan to stay in S.C., (Which seems crazy for a student) and are currently a true resident, ie working and paying taxes.

Thankfully, fortunately, our daughter applied to schools knowing what we would and wouldn’t pay for, and NCState made the cut. Personally I want her to go to NCState as it has her major, SC doesn’t except for one small school. I do wish the state of NC participated in the program where OOS students get IS tuition if their chosen major isn’t in their state. Oh well.

@JoannaT Its South Carolina. We are actually heading there this weekend for Accepted Student Day. I do wish that NC participated in ACM for the majors. My son got into SC with the risk management major so he could get in state tuition there. Hes just not sure thats what he wants to study. So lots of decisions to make in the next month or so. NC State seems like a great school. We are going in April for an Admitted visit

@JoannaT We’re in NC; D20 got into NCSU and doesn’t like it. She wants to go to Clemson; we could just swap, lol.

Good luck. I never thought about USC for my eldest who is a freshman at Furman, until she got into Honors college and we toured. I was actually semi impressed with their campus. Was more like one big city block.

We haven’t booked anything yet for my daughter now…should do that. She did the application early to get the scholarship dates, so she currently working on that for Feb 15th.

You’re on! Let’s do it!!!
Why doesn’t she like it?

@JoannaT I think it was just too big for her; she didn’t like the separate campuses for main and engineering. Great school and great programs.

You were given incorrect information. Unfortunately it is not that easy. I have personally been through process of switching from having my child classified as OOS to in state. I moved back NC after living out of state for a few years. In order to qualify for in state tuition, we have to have lived in NC for more than 365 day before the first day of school. For that reason, we were classified as OOS and had to pay OOS tuition despite being NC residents. Residency is determined by the Residency Determination Service not the individual schools. You will need to provide to the RDS your SSN’s, tax returns, DL #'s, proof that all your cars are registered in NC, voter registration #'s, proof that your primary residence is in NC and the list goes on and on. All will be verified by the RDS. It is not as simple as moving your daughter off campus and not claiming her on your taxes. The RDS was created to ensure that all the loopholes are closed. They want their money! Google," NC RDS" and you will see for yourself. Sorry I couldn’t give you more favorable news.