OOS Chances?

<p>What are my chances as an Asian Californian male at UT? If this helps any, I'll be an Economics major.</p>

<p>Grades (PE not included):</p>

<p>Freshman Year:</p>

<p>English I B/A
World Cultures A
Algebra I Accelerated A/B
Geometry (Summer) B/A
General Science A
Spanish I A/B
Visual Art I/Design A</p>

<p>Sophomore Year:</p>

<p>World Literature B/A
World History H A/A
Algebra II A/A
Biology B/B
Spanish II B/B
Symphonic Band A/A</p>

<p>Junior Year:</p>

<p>American Literature A/A
US History AP A/A
Precalculus A/A
Stats AP B/A
Chemistry A/B
Spanish III B/B</p>

<p>Senior Year (and projected grades)</p>

<p>Oral Composition B
Contemporary Authors (2nd sem)
American Govt AP B
Calculus AB AP B
Biology AP B
Philosophy B
Physics H A</p>

<p>7 Semester GPA: 3.56 UW, 3.79 W
Honors Classes: 2
AP Classes: 5</p>

<p>SAT I Scores: Math 760, Writing 670, Critical Reading 610
SAT Total: 1370/2040
SAT II Scores: Math 2c 790, World History 740, US History 730
AP Scores (so far): US History 5, Statistics 4
APs to take senior year: Macroeconomics, American Government, Calculus AB, Biology
ACT Scores: English 32, Math 35, Reading 30, Science 30, Writing 31
ACT Composite: 32</p>

<p>Extracurricular Activities:</p>

<p>JV Cross Country Team (sophomore)
Badminton Team (all years - JV freshman year, varsity all other years)
Members of 5 clubs over the years (Role Playing Game, Anime, Asian League, National Honor Society, Junior Statesmen of America)
Piano (Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music Level 5)
Symphonic Band (Violin sophomore year)
Junior Statesmen Summer School at Stanford (Summer 2005)
Web Community Management (all years)</p>

<p>I'm also a decent essay writer.</p>

<p>Any feedback is appreciated. Thanks!</p>

<p>hey dude, im basically the same as you (stats wise)</p>

<p>SAT 2050
GPA 3.8
member of JSA (speaker of the house)
Bay area... etc</p>

<p>anyway, good luck.. i already submitted austins... </p>

<p>ps, looks good for admission</p>

<p>Heh, thanks. I'm from the Bay Area too...Santa Clara.</p>