OOS kid loses Drivers Lic, how does he get another one?


<p>If my kid goes to college out of state and he loses his wallet, how will he get another Drivers License? Will he have to wait until he comes home again? </p>

<p>Just trying to foresee any possible problems (this kid does lose things).</p>

<p>In our state replacing a lost license is $5 plus 45 minutes at the local DMV. (Yeah, I have some first hand knowledge. It's a bad idea to let a 3 year old play with your wallet.) So the first time our "soon to be OOS student" misplaced her DL at home, we went to the DMV and got her another.</p>

<p>My son lost his Georgia driver's license while at college in Louisiana.</p>

<p>He was able to get a replacement via the DMV online with a credit card.
It was mailed to him. Then, he had to get ANOTHER one when he accidentally stepped on it and it cracked into many little pieces. Surprisingly,he was able to get the 2nd replacement the same way. It was quite efficient too--I think he received it, both times, within 2 weeks or less.</p>

<p>Worth checking online with your DMV to see if this is an option in your state.</p>

<p>curiouser-Were our son's together? My son also "misplaced" his Georgia license in Louisiana; received a replacement by mail. I believe he loaned it to someone underage to use as access to get into a bar and the other child lost it. I think that was the only time we had a good experience with Georgia"s DMV!! Oh wait, I take that back-I renewed my license for 10 years online using my same picture from 4 years ago! I am going to look like I am in my mid 40's when I am almost 60; can't bet that!!</p>

<p>What's up with Louisiana? :D</p>

<p>My S lost his DL (or thought he did) in Louisiana. In our state, you can go on line and order a new one, print out a temporary, and then they send you a new one. Similar nominal fee to those mentioned above.</p>

<p>Of course, he found it before the new one reached him.</p>

<p>I suggest that if he loses his license, he can call his hometown's DMV and find out their procedure. Another option is to check their website, which probably answers the question.
I also suggest that you not worry about things that haven't happened. All doing that will do is waste your time and drive you crazy.</p>

<p>My son lost his wallet, including his Massachusetts license in New Hampshire. I called the RMV and it was replaced within a week or so. ($20, I think)</p>

<p>He then found his wallet, which was under his bed!:)</p>

<p>Texas is more complicated. D (who is NOT the one who tends to lose things) lost her license this summer during her internship in California. We had to jump through a lot of hoops. You needed to fill out a big form and send in all kinds of information, including a copy of your social security card. We arranged all that, and weeks went by without D receiving the replacement license. She called DMV and they told her it can take 45 days! She called off the process and waited until she returned home and got it easily in person at the license place.</p>

<p>In NC, you can order replacement online.</p>

<p>Just a warning. In many states you can replace a license very easily. Getting a whole new one is a different story. But if there is any suspicioun that the license is stolen, you really should go through the trouble. These days with identity theft rampant, you can find yourself in a lot of trouble if someone has your drivers license. By just replacing the license, the old one is still valid. People can be wracking up points on your license, you can have a warrent out for your arrest on that license, the license can be used to obtain money and credit. By voiding the license and getting a fresh one, it ends that record right there. If someone is stopped with that license, it is listed as stolen and invalid. Big difference.</p>

<p>That's true cpt. When we have done the online replacement, it has been because license was lost in the lake or damaged in some way.</p>

<p>Thanks to everyone.... </p>

<p>I was worried that the DMV would expect the kid to physically show up at his state's DMV office to get a replacement.</p>