OOS LSA vs IS CoE Difficulty

I have a question for some of you more familiar with the statistics and selectivity of Michigan. I’m an in-state student in the CoE and I know that CoE is more selective for in-state students (fewer spots, so naturally going to be harder to get into).

On behalf of my younger cousin (who is applying to college this year), I wanted to ask if OOS LSA is harder to get into than IS CoE. This is a tough one to answer because OOS is more selective than IS but CoE is more selective than LSA.

He is an intentended pre-med and would like to study biomedical engineering. I told him that he was a match for CoE, but I wasn’t accounting for the fact that he is OOS. He wouldn’t mind studying a more typical pre-med major in LSA either, so I’m not sure what to advice him to do.


No easy answer for your cousin, unfortunately. CoE doesn’t break out OOS admissions. The overall CoE admit rate is 19%. And prior to Covid, in the 2018-2019 admissions cycle, the overall OOS acceptance rate for the entire Class of 2019 was 19%.

As I mentioned in another thread, the overall in-state acceptance rate for the 2018-2019 class was 41% and, as mentioned above, the overall OOS acceptance was 19%. The overall acceptance rate for the Class of 2019 was about 23%.

So, one could assume roughly the same in-state/OOS overall acceptance variance for only the 19% CoE acceptance rate. If so, then I’d guess low-to-mid-teens (13-15%) in terms of an OOS acceptance % for just the CoE. But that’s just pure speculation.

Does your cousin’s HS have Naviance? Does he/she know the yield for his/her HS at UMich. Our local OOS HS’s have a very good yield % to UMich, so a stronger historical yield % will help your cousin’s app. Also, not knowing your cousin’s gender, being a female applicant to the CoE will help as well IMO.

Asking for others is not allowed. You cousin should open an account and ask himself. Closing thread.