OOS Schools

<p>Hey, infrequent member here..</p>

<p>Im currently a Junior living in Florida who wants to join the Ibanking world. I have pretty solid stats, not Ivy league quality, but I could get into some solid schools OOS.
5.2 gpa (8 AP's so far with at least 3-4 more senior year)
~1450/2150 SAT score (with room for improvement)
13/580 class rank in a very competitive class </p>

<p>I have okay EC's, most of them geared towards business/math and 300 community service hours along with holding two part time year-round jobs.</p>

<p>But the problem is, my family simply wouldnt be able to afford OOS college. Our EFC (idk exact numbers yet) would be much higher than we could realistically pay. I would like to get into a school that Wall St. recruits at and i know UF is not one of them. For those who just got accepted, are currently enrolled in, or graduated from well known business colleges (I would like to major in Econ), could you tell me which schools would be matches for me along with being the most affordable? Additionally, are my stats high enough (doubt it) to warrant any merit based aid/scholarships?</p>

<p>Thank you to any and all who help me out.</p>

<p>BTW, not even sure if this is the right forum for my topic/question, so sorry in advance if it's not! (Feel free to move if necessary)</p>

<p>A 2150 is definitely high enough for some merit scholarships, but probably not at top tier undergrad b schools. You should apply to some top b schools because they may offer more aid than you think. I know Penn has a huge endowment and offers great financial aid, and Wharton is the best b school around. Search around and see what schools offer good financial aid, and what schools might give you good merit aid.</p>